From the recording Rusty, Knotted Pine


Billy spends his sapre time with a carving knife and an old piece of wood
Bringing all his dreams at hand, sculptured thoughts of every passing mood
Freeing up all that he thought was trapped there deep inside
I could never see what he rusty, knotted pine

Grandma shuts the door but leaves the key in the house where she grew old
No one left to share it with, it's more than just old floorboards that's been sold
As she turns to walk away a part is left behind
Couldn't see why it would want to rusty, knotted pine

oh inspirations we've all had, to be tossed into the wind

Racing through the wood, avoiding every tree to find the whole
This forest has no edges yet it always has the room it needs to grow
Confusion over where you've been and where you have in mind
Always helps to stop and rest beneath...that rusty, knotted pine

Used to fear I wouldn't find my way 'cause I couldn't read the signs
Now I know it's best to rest beneath...that rusty, knotted pine