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  • Dec 5

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    4th Street Cellars

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  • Dec 22

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Craig, I really enjoyed your music at Farmstead in St. Helena on Friday night. Please keep your schedule posted as we'd love to come join in on one of your upcoming gigs.
Heard you a few weeks ago at River Terrace Inn in Napa where I was a guest. Great tunes...great voice! What a beautiful area! Enjoyed the James Taylor songs especially, as I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. All the best, Gabriel
Greetings from Labrador!! love your stuff man!!
Nice website! I have to get one again...Take it easy man!
Enjoyed your performance at Napkins last night. Wondered why you didn't sing any John Denver songs, as you seemed perfectly suited for them. When I read your bio here, I realized that JD has influenced your style, and you are known for your renditions of his music. Bravo!
Your performance at Hopmonk on Sunday made it a perfect Fathers Day afternoon. Thank you
Are you only playing in California? If so how far from Bakersfield California would that be? I really enjoy seeing live shows. Tina
Hi Craig. NOONE does a John Denver tribute better than you! Marguerite and I were just lamenting that it is absolutely too far to travel to the Gypsy Cafe on 3/21 to hear you perform these beloved old tunes. Best wishes to you and Alyssa. PS I agree with Aunt Bonnie - you should try out for The Voice! Diane & Mike
I came into HotBox this eve....I was driving by and was drawn in!! You have a beautiful voice and kind presence. When you do private settings for people how does that work? Do you have a certain rate depending on time/setting/location etc.? My husband and I live just up the road on Hwy 12 and up in the hills about a half mile....every other year we gather friends together for a New Year's Day Celebration...lo key...drop is beautiful here...we always have a firepit going below if weather permits.. also a covered deck...people just mingle in and out. This year we were saying how wonderful it would be to have a real musician to bring in this new year! My mother passed away on January 7 of this year so I am wanting to bring as much love and light into our gatherings as possible to send love and appreciation to her and to my father on the other side now... no better way than through beautiful guitar and voice like you. Let me know your thoughts/ideas/any questions you may have also. If this does not work out I will now know to come into Hotbox on nights you are there....thank you so very much...nice to meet you....Maia
You should try out for The Voice!!
I first heard your song (Your Kind Voice) on Anne Riley's radio interview. Love your voice. I had to check your site. You sound so much like a friend of mine. Jerry Corbitt of the (youngbloods) sounds so much like you in his younger years. Now his voice is a little scratchy but he still can put chills in you. Keep up your great sounds. Love um Tom
Hi Craig. We've been thinking about you and are glad to get your update. When news of the earthquakes came up on CNN, I sent White Light around you & Alyssa. Stay safe and keep on performing. Best regards, Diane & Mike
We heard you play at Hopmonk in Sonoma several times, bought both CD's, saw you at Backyard, lovin' your music, guitar/harmonica playing as well, you're a very talented musician/performer, and we look forward to seeing more of your shows soon.
Like what I hear .......... Will see you Friday night . Live 2 miles from Annex . (Nice chops) RB
Craig, my wife and I heard you in Santa Rosa several weeks ago and enjoyed you very much. I left a phone message for you about a going-away party we're having on Sept. 26. Hope we can connect
My husband and I enjoyed listening to you today in Geyersville at a private event! We will be seeing you soon at a local venue. You rock! Stephanie +Kurt
Great singer songwriter, well worth checking out! Welcome to Sebastopol Craig, love your music. Irene Durham
Love your music!
Like your Station By Station. I met you at Unity. I play Pedal Steel Guitar ever since 1973. Ever need a steel player hit me up. Good luck in your ventures. Kent
I love the music !!!!!!!!! Keep it coming !!!!!
Also from let's call it Baldwin, but it was Roosevelt. Enjoyed your story on the Martin Site and looking forward to giving you a listen. All the best of luck to you. L.I. produced many great musicians!
The leaves are falling, the weather is becoming chilly, and life changes every second... The time is perfect for your music to make the soul joyful and calm (like the pictures of the Colorado mountains). Anyway, I absolutely love the song "The Gift." Thank you for uploading the Mp3.
great website my friend. I like First and Only alot. Wow you are a man of many talents and many layers - I hope we are able to build a friendship. I need great well grounded people such as yourself in my life. talk to you soon.
I love your website!! I love you too very much, my nephew!!! Maybe someday you will be really famous. Don't ever give up on your dreams!!!
Nice site, Craig! Let's make some music already! ;) -Chris Ramey
Nice site! Good Luck!
Your pumpkin cheesecake is almost as good as your music!!
You rocked in Downtown Louisville last week! Looking forward to your next performance!
Sounds good Craig
Great to see you have a website. Enjoyed listening to your music. Eric and Marie
Craig ... Thank YOU for the fab tunes @ Mike&Margaret's b-day party. Cat Stevens would have been proud :)
I'll definately have to catch you live if you wind up on the East Coast again someday. :P
You are my favority bluegrass artist. rock on dude! :) psskk ur bio is missing your favorite brother :op
Hey Craig, Really like your website. Is the above photo taken in Utah? Where? Very fancy web pages with music downloads. How was Friday night at the Rock N Soul cafe?
I love you!!! You're so great!
I have been listening to you since I was in high school and you have been my favorite musicican in Boulder ever since. I think you're a fantastic songwriter and I wish you continued success!
I've been a fan of your voice for a long time, and I'm glad to see you've found a "home" on the internet, and that you're working on an upcoming CD! You've got some great momentum going - keep up the great work! Your cover of "Red Molly" rocks! :-)